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A Top Rated Hotel in Kelowna is Now in Your Pocket

August 18, 2011

Some people think mobile devices and smart phone apps can make the world go round. Hmm...we're not so sure, but we do know they'll help you go round the world!

Remember cell phones when they first came out? They were massive, strange looking contraptions, and yet seemed so "futuristic" at that time.  How times have changed!

Today's technology never ceases to amaze us with the options available on a tiny device that fits in your pocket.  Blackberry, Pre, Android,  iPhone - these smart devices already do a great job of handling your contacts, calendar, email, music and games. But by downloading special apps, you can turn them into the ultimate travel companions! Instead of just a phone, you'll be carrying a weather station, map, flight tracker, movie store, restaurant or tour guide, news reader and so much more.  You can even book a Kelowna hotel room!

Travel apps allow users to sort, save and share travel details of favorite trips.  Ideal for family vacations (what restaurant the kids really loved), business trips (great spots for future meetings), honeymoons (where to go back for anniversaries) and even road trips (closest rest area). Try some out on your next trip to the Okanagan.

There are more cell phones in the world than personal computers, so we made sure our Kelowna hotel website plays well on both!

Mobile websites are also making it easier to navigate the web and get the essential details of what you're searching for.  The Best Western PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites now has its own mobile website at, formatted to be accessible on your smart phone of choice. How cool!  We know it's frustrating to use a website made for monster 20 inch screen on your little 3 inch gadget,  and throughout 2011, we've noticed the increasing numbers of people hunting for a hotel in Kelowna on phones. So we took action! Our mobile site features a list of our fabulous amenities, some great pictures of our property, a map showing our central location in Kelowna, and the ability to book a room at our Kelowna hotel – all at your fingertips!

Best Western ® also offers a mobile website, as well as a mobile app "Best Western On the Go!" for your smart phone.  Loyal and frequent guests will love the ability to plan ahead and always find a Best Western hotel property, wherever their travels may take them.

 Isn't technology wonderful?

 If you have a favorite travel app, join our Facebook fan page and tell us about it!

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