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Our Kelowna Hotel Helps Teach Green Travel to Your Tots

March 19, 2013

Once upon a time, traveling responsibly and leaving behind minimal carbon footprints at hotels in Kelowna was a breeze.  Then along came the PacMan-esque children in your life, consuming everything in their path during your now hectic family vacations.  Sound familiar? Have no fear! You can still keep the ankle-biters happy AND fulfill your desire to travel green right on track with these tips from the Best Western Kelowna Hotel.



Pack Light

-          You don’t need to bring the entire house and certainly not the entire contents of the kid’s toy box.  Let them pick a couple of their fave toys to bring, along with the promise that (if they behave) you’ll buy them each something special at your destination.  Getting the kids to be good and buying locally will satisfy any parent’s wishes for successful travel, green or not.

-          Consider doing laundry at your Kelowna accommodations at least once during your trip to reduce the amount of clothes you need to bring and reduce the amount of clothes you’ll need to wash when you get home! Nobody likes that mountain of post-holiday laundry *shudder*.

Snack Attack

-          As tempting as it always is, skip the drive-thru meals and bring along your own healthy snacks to munch on or stop at a roadside market to buy fresh eats (picnic time!).  This not only reduces waste, but helps avoid the dreaded sugar rushes and spurts of high energy in the car.  Seatbelts merely confine them – they don’t keep kids quiet.

-          When you book at hotels in Kelowna, choose a guest room with a kitchen to cook your own meals or take advantage of using a public BBQ provided by the hotel for its guests.  Saving money and eating healthy = happy wallets and happy bellies.

-          Leave the family car parked for awhile and try using public transit, walking, renting bikes or even test driving a hybrid or electric vehicle for a day to explore your destination.  You’ll see more of the place you’re visiting, save on the expense of gas, reduce pollution and get plenty of exercise while you’re at it.  That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

-          Be consistent with unplugging and turning things off before leaving your Kelowna hotel room for the day and maybe the kids will take that habit home with them??


Teach your kids how to be more eco-friendly when traveling as a family and hopefully they’ll start following in your reduced-carbon footprints faster than you can say “Don’t make me turn this car around!”


Do you try to travel green with your kids? Share your tips & stories with us on our Facebook page or Twitter!



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