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Our Kelowna Hotel Ensures Your Fall Stays Green

October 16, 2012

With the brilliant autumn leaves changing colors, the color green is probably the furthest thought from your mind this fall. But there is no better time to “go green” than when the weather begins to cool down! Our Kelowna hotel is busy prepping for the cold weather ahead and thought we’d share some tips with you that won’t consume much of your time or money.


Leave them be

Yard waste bins are one way to clean up the falling leaves around your property, but there’s an alternative that combines fun & function! Pull the family outdoors with a few rakes to gather leaves around the base of trees, shrubs and bushes. While it may not look attractive at first, the cold winter months will help break down the leaves into nutrients that your plants will love. (Or even better = Composting!)

Cozy up

Taking the time to weatherize your home during the fall can cut down on high energy usage during the cold winter months. Seal cracks, clean vents and get your furnace and appliances serviced to help keep your home energy efficient and toasty warm.  (Programmable thermostats are great to help with energy savings and are perfect to control usage when you’re away on vacation at a hotel in Kelowna.) 

Road Trip Ready

For those upcoming out-of-town business trips or weekend getaways at our Kelowna hotel, make sure your car will do the job of getting you where you need to go.  Check the air pressure in your tires as cooler temperatures lower tire pressure and that, in turn, lowers fuel efficiency. If you have a garage, park the car in it to avoid having to warm it up and waste fuel. (Try bundling up and going for walks instead of driving everywhere with the heat cranked.)

Local Warmth

Just because the warm weather has dwindled, doesn’t mean the selection of farm fresh produce has!  Check out farms and farmer’s markets in your area to stock up on the harvest of the fall season like pumpkins, squash, corn, potatoes and more.  Menus at many Kelowna restaurants and café’s will feature seasonal inspired dishes as well, so indulge and support local at the same time. (Canning is also a great way to enjoy your fav fall produce all winter.)

Green and autumn don’t normally go together in a sentence, but our Kelowna hotel would like to change that…one tip at a time.  After all, every season should be a green one!

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