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Kelowna's Green Hotel - Where Every Day is Earth Day

April 17, 2012

It doesn’t sound like enough for hotels in Kelowna to only dedicate one hour or one day to raising awareness of environmental issues and committing to better green practices for our beautiful planet.  That’s why we decided awhile back that every day is Earth Day at our Kelowna Hotel!  Don’t get us wrong - we were super excited about participating in this past Earth Hour 2012 and are even more excited for the upcoming Earth Day 2012 - but our passion is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

On April 22nd we offer everyone the opportunity to see firsthand all of our hotel’s green initiatives by taking our Annual Earth Day Green Building Site Tour led by our innovative CEO Greg Salloum.  Greg’s passion for the environment is the reason why our hotel is proudly known as Kelowna’s “Green” Hotel AND the reason why our staff now share his passion.  It’s contagious.

Learn how our Best Western Kelowna Hotel managed to offset our carbon footprint by 295% in 2011, see what green initiatives we currently have in place, and see how we plan to lead the way in continuously doing everything economically feasible to keep our air, our water, and earth safe and clean for future generations.  After the tour, there will be a Q&A session in our beautiful Atrium (complete with refreshments) where you can share your thoughts or inquire about more info on our green efforts.

We invite you to join us at 2 pm on Sunday, April 22nd for Earth Day 2012 so you can share our passion for all things green.  Even though it’s contagious, it’s also fabulous, so we’re okay with spreading it around!

Earth Day Green Building Site Tour 2012 at Best Western Kelowna Hotel

PS – Exciting News!:

Being a proud 2012 sponsor of the Earth Day Network, Best Western® recently held a contest for it's properties to showcase their leading sustainability practices in the hospitality industry and in their community.  The Best Western Kelowna Hotel was chosen as one of the three winners!! A couple of our lucky BW Kelowna team members will be heading to Washington DC on Apr 22nd to participate in one of the biggest environmental events at The National Mall and help “Mobilize the Earth™”.  Congratulations to our team and all their hard work!

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