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Green On The Go - Our Kelowna Hotel helps "green" your vacation!

July 18, 2011


Green Travel basics for dummies beginners 


When you hear the term "green travel", does your mind automatically think of vacationing in a remote environment, equipped with nothing but a pair of hiking boots and the desire to be one with nature? Well, that is one way to do it....but traveling green is something everyone can do on any kind of vacation! Even when staying at an accommodation in Kelowna, BCl!

Basically, green travel just means to travel in a way that respects the environment and the local community.  Many of the best practices are things you probably do at home anyway, so it's just a matter of being responsible and conscious of everything around you while you travel as well. Easy, right?


Feet are made for walking:

Try walking, cycling or using public transit during your trip! Kelowna has an excellent transit system and our Kelowna hotel has an Express Bus stop right outside the door.  We're also located only a couple blocks from the Mission Creek Greenway, which is fabulous for cycling or walking.  (Stop into the EECO Centre for some fun environmental education!)  It's a great way to get exercise and to see all the hidden jewels of an area that you may have otherwise just driven by. 

If you do drive, try a hybrid or fuel efficient car and plan your route ahead of time to avoid unnecessary travel time, gas emissions and possible "I-told-you-to-stop-and-ask-for-directions-and-now-we're-lost" discussions. 

 Shop Local:

Check out local farmer's markets, artisan studios and the community! Buy fresh (and if possible, organic) fruit, veggies, cheese, bread and other goodies for meals during your trip instead of hitting up a familiar chain restaurant. Picnic anyone?  Kelowna BC is known for its abundance of fresh Okanagan fruit, and you can even visit local you-pick farms, which is a great family activity! 

The 3 R's:

Reduce, reuse, and recycle – Pretty sure everyone has those programmed in their brains by now.  Turn off the TV, lights and AC in your Kelowna hotel room when you're out.  Take shorter showers and request limited towel/linen laundry service.  Bring a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up as you go along.  Put paper and plastic in the designated recycling bins as opposed to the garbage bins.

And try to stay at a hotel that cares about the environment just as much as you do! The Best Western Kelowna Hotel has a long and impressive list of green initiatives which help contribute to "greening" your stay in Kelowna BC.  Proudly boasting a certified carbon neutral status, a rating of 4 in the Green Key Program, and participating in the EcoStay Program, we're a Kelowna hotel that sticks out like a sore, er, make that green thumb!


Once you get the basic ideas of sustainable travel down, check out Green Travel for more info, tips and ideas for traveling even greener!

See, it is easy, right? Right!

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