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Green Kelowna Hotels: How to Spot Them

September 15, 2016

Hotel in Kelowna

Looking for Kelowna hotels that strive to make the world a better place? We can help you with that.

Nowadays, many travellers to the Okanagan are becoming a lot more eco-conscious in their search for sustainable and green Kelowna hotels. These eco-friendly hotels are putting their best foot forward in an effort to preserve and protect the environment. From creating and implementing sustainability action plans to getting involved in the community, these hotels are shaping the future of eco-tourism.

In answer to this emerging green way of travelling, The National Observer recently posted an article entitled, How B.C.’s tourism industry is making the world a better place. It highlights some of the exciting ways B.C.’s tourism industry is turning to more eco-friendly ways of sustainability. If you prefer to support green hotels when travelling, we’ve compiled a list of tips on what to look for before making a reservation.


Ask About Their…Water Practices

Besides the usual notes left in your room about reusing linens and towels, dig a little deeper into a hotel’s water usage. Ask if they employ water features that waste water unnecessarily or ask if they collect rainwater for lawn maintenance. Any hotel that’s truly committed to making the world a better place will have some sort of sustainability plan in place when it comes to their water supply.


...Electric Car Charging Stations

Kelowna hotels that are committed to greener practices generally offer electric car charging stations in their parking lots. The easy access to these eco-conscious parking stalls are an indication of the hotels desire to reduce the harmful effects of the carbon footprint on the environment.   


…Heating System

Heating up a hotel can rack up quite a bill both financially and environmentally. If you’re looking at staying at a hotel that’s truly capable of making a difference, ask about their heating practices. Some hotels are proud to share that the systems they use feature solar panels and geo-thermal heating and cooling systems. The hotels that offer this kind of dedication to greener practices should earn a top spot on your booking options list.


…Recycling Plan

When typical hotel guests are in vacation mode, recycling may be at the bottom of their to-do list. This is where green hotels tend to step in. When booking at a hotel, ask them about their recycling practices and what they do to help out. The hotel of your choice should go the extra mile to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible and be able to tell you how they achieve this.


…Commitment to Their Community

A hotel doing their part to help the environment isn’t just limited to green practices. When booking a hotel, do some research to find out how involved they are with the local community. Do they contribute to the sustainability of the area that surrounds the hotel? Does the hotel have an active role in sustainability measures throughout the city? These are all great questions to think about when looking for Kelowna Hotels that offer eco-friendly accommodations. 


The next time you book a stay at an eco-friendly hotel in Kelowna, do your part to help. Check out our previous post for some great tips: 5 Ways to Travel Green: From Kelowna Hotels to Paperless Travel.


Are you looking for a hotel in Kelowna that prides itself on its sustainability action plan? The Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites is an award winning green hotel that offers electric car charging stations, geo-thermal cooling and heating systems, and an environmental wing. Call 1-888-860-1212 to book your next eco-friendly stay.

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