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March 22, 2011

Your Stay is Carbon Neutral at Kelowna’s “Green” Hotel

Every time we use energy to power our lights and heat our rooms and water at our Kelowna hotel, greenhouse gases are released into the air that have a negative impact on the global environment and sustainable living. These greenhouse gas emissions are causing the Earth’s climate to change in a way that has disastrous consequences for the environment and every species that inhabits the earth. As a guest in our Kelowna hotel, we ask that you join our efforts in reducing the effects we have on the environment.

Offset your flight's carbon emissionsEco-friendly Travel Tips

  • Offset your flight
  • While in town, use an eco-friendly mode of transportation like biking, walking or public transit.
  • Reuse towels & sheet instead of changing them every day
  • Keep your showers short and shut off water while brushing teeth.
  • Turn off the AC/heat, television, lights, and any other electrical devices whenever you leave your room.
  • Use the Hotel’s recycling facilities.

At the Best Western Plus Hotel & Suites, we are proud to be doing our part in the global movement against climate change. We’re working hard to reduce our emissions through energy conservation and other measures. In 2002 we installed an extensive and advanced solar hybrid water-heating system, one of the largest in Canada, thus preventing 90 tonnes per year of greenhouse gases that would have otherwise gone into the atmosphere from burning natural gas.

We are doing all that we can to reduce our carbon footprint, but for those unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, we are offsetting them by investing in emission-reducing carbon offset projects around the world.

Carbon offsets are benefits from environmental projects that reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases and help us reach our goal of sustainable living. They work in different ways but they can avoid, reduce, and eliminate gases that result from energy use.

ecostaySo how can you help? The Best Western Kelowna Hotel is now an official participant of the LivClean Eco-Stay Program. Through the program, each guest contributes a per night Eco-Stay Fee which LivClean invests on the hotel’s behalf in environmental projects around the world that remove, reduce and eliminate the creation of greenhouse gases from the air we all share - making your room completely carbon neutral and good for the planet!

LivClean invests in a variety of high quality carbon offset projects across Canada. Click here for more details on the projects we support.

To see how we are doing in our fight against climate change, Click here. By staying at the Best Western  Kelowna, you are contributing to environmental sustainability.

For more information on LivClean visit

To read our recent press release announcing the launch of our partnership with the Eco-Stay Program, click here.


Greg Salloum
Property Owner
Best Western Kelowna Hotel




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