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5 Eco-friendly Ways to Stay at a Green Hotel in Kelowna

October 11, 2017

Eco-Friendly Hotel in Kelowna

When you stay at an eco-friendly Kelowna hotel, you can do your part too.


Between recycling, composting, using reusable shopping bags, and walking to work, you’ve been doing your best to contribute to a more environmentally friendly way of living. You’ve probably even done a little research into which Kelowna hotel follows the same principles that you do.

Check out our previous post for a guide on how to choose a green hotel in Kelowna: Green Kelowna Hotels: How to Spot Them.

When you choose to stay at a green hotel, you’re making a conscious effort to reduce your impact on the Earth. However, just picking a hotel that implements a wide variety of green initiatives may not be enough. Here are five ways you can do your part to help when staying at a green hotel in Kelowna:


1. Defer Housekeeping

If your stay is longer than a single night, use the Do Not Disturb sign to keep housekeeping out of your room. This will prevent your towels and sheets from being washed and replaced unnecessarily.

If you do, however, want your room tidied, leave a simple note asking that the linens on the bed not be replaced and be sure to hang up your towels in the bathroom before leaving for the day.


2. Avoid Fiddling with the Thermostat

One of the best things about a hotel room is climate control. It’s so easy to adjust the temperature on a whim if you’re feeling too hot or too chilly. However, all of the temperature meddling can draw a lot of power and use up a lot of resources. Instead, turn off the thermostat and wear appropriate clothing. You can also take advantage of the extra bedding if the temperature gets a little too cool.


3. Use the Kelowna Hotel Toiletries Wisely

The little toiletries included in your room are a nice added touch, but they can be a big cause of wastefulness. Be sure to only open the toiletries you plan to use. Instead of keeping a bar of soap at the sink and in the shower, only use one and transfer it between the two locations.

If you do need a little bit of each product, take the bottles home with you to use up and recycle the empty bottles. If they’ve been opened, housekeeping will likely throw them in the trash.


4. Don’t Overindulge at Breakfast Time

Sure, the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet is a really nice amenity to have, but be mindful of waste. Sometimes you may come across something that isn’t to your taste, but don’t load up your plate with food items until you’ve given them a try. By only taking what you need, you can help control how much food is made each morning and help reduce how much goes to waste.


5. Don’t Forget About the Lights

Every time you leave your hotel room, turn off the television and the lights. Since hotels are constantly lit up, even overnight, you can help reduce the electricity consumption by simply flicking the light switch off before you leave your room.


If you’re looking for a green Kelowna hotel with a superior sustainability action plan, consider the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. Our award-winning hotel offers geo-thermal cooling and heating systems, chemical-free gardening practices, and electric car charging stations. Call us today to book your next eco-friendly stay: 1-888-860-1212

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