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Pet-Friendly Kelowna Hotel's Ultimate Guide

On most days, it’s the sunniest, warmest and home to one of the longest lakes in Canada. Now, Kelowna is also the pet-friendliest city in the country. According to Canadian Dogs Annual 2015, Kelowna caters not just to the dogs but to dog lovers alike.

Judged on factors such as the number of dog-friendly parks, Kelowna pet-friendly hotels, and access to training, pet sitters, and veterinary care, Kelowna took first place in the title with ease. In fact, Kelowna is home to 85 dog parks, which cover about 75 per cent of the city’s green space.

Kelowna is not just a playground for tourists of the human variety; pets love vacationing in Kelowna too! Rife with Kelowna pet-friendly hotels, scenic off-leash and on-leash puppy parks and beaches, and quality pet services, Kelowna satisfies the vacation hound in everyone.

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7 Tips for Travelling With Your Pet

best western kelowna hotel and suites pet-friendly guide

So now you’ve decided to make the trip to Canada’s pet-friendliest city, and it’s time to pack a suitcase for both you and your pet. 

Before packing up your pet’s belongings, watch Cesar Millan—The Dog Whisperer™—discuss seven pet-friendly travel tips to follow for holidaying with your furry companion.



Dog Parks & Beaches

Pet Friendly Hotel Kelowna Dog Parks and Beaches

One of the reasons why Kelowna snagged the title of Canada’s pet-friendliest city is largely due to the ample parks and beaches that fill the city. The City of Kelowna boasts 85 off and on-leash parks and more than 700 hectares of green space that’s perfect for spending a day bonding with your favourite fur baby. If your pup enjoys fetching and mingling with other dogs, stop by one of the seven permanent off-leash dogs parks scattered throughout the city.

A local favourite, Cedar Creek, is easily one of the most frequented dog parks in Kelowna. With beautiful views of Okanagan Lake, dogs can choose to run freely in the field or swim with ease in the designated waterfront location. 

For more information on where the parks are located and for some handy tips on paws-itive puppy etiquette, check out the Kelowna Dog Parks page.

Kelowna Pet-Friendly Hotels

Kelowna Pet Friendly Hotels

Kelowna wouldn’t have been able to receive such a dog-loving award if it weren’t for all of the pet-friendly hotels scattered throughout the city. The tourism industry not only caters to the golfers and the sun-seekers, but to pets and pet lovers as well. In fact, some hotels even offer pet-friendly rooms with ground floor access to grassy courtyards that are perfect for curious puppies itching to explore or ‘use the facilities.’

If you’re looking to get the most out of your stay at Kelowna pet-friendly hotels for both you and your pet, be sure to look for hotels that offer:

  • Pet-friendly rooms that offer easy access to an outdoor area
  • Complimentary pet packs full of treats and toys to keep your pup busy
  • Dog parks within walking distance of the hotel
  • Maps or brochures of nearby pet parks, vet clinics, and quality pet stores 

With so many hotels to choose from, asking these questions can quickly thin the pile of potential choices and make sure your stay with your furry best friend is purr-fect.

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Puppy Pampering

Dog Friendly Hotels Okanagan Puppy Pampering

One of the very best things about travelling is visiting the hotel’s spa and taking advantage of spa packages offered during your stay. If you’re planning on spending the day being pampered from head to toe, why not offer your pooch the same experience?

Throughout Kelowna, you’ll find numerous first-class groomers excited to pamper your pup with a sweet-smelling shampoo, nail trim, and haircut.

Here’s a list of just a handful of the local business that offer you and your pet a wonderful and rewarding visit to their peaceful puppy spas:

If you’re not interested in dropping your dog off for the day at the groomer’s, you can always have the groomers come to you at your Kelowna pet-friendly hotel. Kelowna is home to some of the best mobile groomers in the business, such as Cruiz’n With Clippers. 

Maybe your dog is a little too “ruff” for a day of pampering. That’s OK too. Kelowna also accommodates the dogs and dog owners that prefer the no-frills bathing option. Bring your pup to Doggytopia, at your own convenience, and enjoy access to a self-serve bath, brushes, towels, shampoo, and a waterproof apron for yourself.

Kelowna Vets

Dog Friendly Hotel Kelowna Vets

Preparing Fido for a vacation can be both exciting and fun, but nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a sick pup. With more than 50 Kelowna vets catering to the health and well-being of your fluffy family member, you’ll have your pick of the litter.

When choosing the right veterinarian for your beloved pooch, ask the attendant at the front desk of your Kelowna pet-friendly hotel which clinic they recommend. Chances are they have a pet themselves or know someone who does. Recommendations are the best place to start when looking for a quality vet clinic.

You should also consider asking these questions:

  • How clean is the facility? Is it clean, comfortable, and organized?
  • Are there separate rooms for dogs and cats?
  • How many veterinarians work at the clinic?
  • Is the staff caring, calm, and professional? Are they friendly and courteous, and do they communicate effectively?
  • Are the fees fair, and do they fit your budget?

With so many veterinary clinics available to you when visiting Kelowna, check out Vetratingz. This site allows you to search for specific Kelowna vet clinics, and it’ll provide you with ratings, reviews, and contact information.


For even more pet-friendly travel tips, check out our blog post: 8 Travel Tips to Make Your Next Vacation to Kelowna Pet-Friendly Hotels a Breeze.


Take your pup to Kelowna’s pet-friendliest hotel the next time you visit Canada’s pet-friendliest city. The BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites proudly offers premium pet-friendly rooms, pet packs loaded up with treats and toys, a grassy courtyard, and a dog park just a short walk away.

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