Sustainability Plan

Best Western Kelowna has been leading the way in reducing their environmental footprint for the past 20 years. With a geothermal and solar thermal system, low flow fixtures on every faucet and shower head, energy efficient lighting and an new LEED Silver hotel wing, this hotel is already well on their way to being the greenest hotel in Kelowna.

With the re-establishment of a solid green team and an environmental mission “to do everything economically feasible to leave our air, water and earth safe and clean for future generations”, Best Western Kelowna has created a set of sustainability goals along with a robust action plan to ensure their hotel is operating as sustainably as possible.

By working through a series of facilitated workshops, employees and management received training about sustainability and the business case for adopting environmentally and socially responsible practices that provide a return on investment. Strong goals and actions were identified using staff input, Green Tourism Canada criteria and Green Team engagement. This information was put together to create a five year sustainability action plan that was communicated to all staff in June, 2013.

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Best Western Kelowna’s Sustainability Commitments

Best Western Kelowna has made a commitment to these six focus areas within the hotel;  Active TransportationEnergy EfficiencyMinimal WasteWater ConservationSustainable Purchasing and Communication & Engagement.

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Water Conservation

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We are currently exceeding building code standards for water saving fixtures. 85% of our over 200 toilets have been swapped for 1.6 gpf. We have upgraded 100% of our faucet aerators and shower heads to low flow options that still provide a comfortable pressure for guests, all have been personally tested by the hotel owner. We have high efficient dishwashers and washing machines, and a “wash when needed” in room linen policy. Reducing the amount of time staff and guests turn on the water for will now be the focus of reducing water by a further 20%.

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Minimal Waste

As of 2012, we are diverting 56% of all our waste from the landfill. With improved recycling and composting efforts, we will work towards achieving 90%.

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Energy Efficiency

We are focused on saving energy. With geothermal and solar thermal systems, energy star appliances, and high efficiency lighting (LED and CFL) already installed, we are well on our way. But there is always more we can do.

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Communication & Engagement

We have set a precedent in our community for sustainable business practices. We want other organizations to understand that going green makes economic sense and benefits the planet and local community. By sharing what we do and why we do it, we can inspire and educate those that wish to move towards living a more sustainable life.

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Baseline Data

Baseline data in key areas of material and energy inputs and outputs were measured or for the years 2009 to 2012 if available.

Continual review of baseline data for utilities shows a company’s commitment to measuring and reducing their environmental impact. The baseline data is not calibrated for weather, building expansion or occupancy, it is simply based on consumption per hotel specific metrics. Using this data alone to compare year to year is difficult for this reason, but overall long term trends can be seen and we will be able to identify if we have met our water, waste and energy goals.

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Green Team

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The Best Western Green Team is a group of dedicated staff and department heads who not only helped shape the Sustainability Action Plan, but also meet monthly to continue to move the action plan forward. The green team members support each other as they work towards completing the actions they are responsible for and share their successes regularly with all hotel staff.

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Recommendations & Next Steps

The Best Western Kelowna team has come up with many solutions to help move the hotel towards their five-year sustainability goals. GreenStep recommends completing the following next steps to stay on track and to efficiently work through this action plan to measure and achieve your goals.

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