Environmental Policy

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites and its' staff are concerned with the health of the planet we all share. We will do everything that is economically possible, without infringing on guest comfort or staff health, to ensure compliance with the toughest environmental standards available. We will endeavor to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases by using alternative non-polluting technologies where possible. We will encourage our guests to recycle by providing blue boxes in the rooms and lead by example. We will purchase products, materials and supplies that:

1. Minimize packaging,

2. Use renewable resources or recycled products (paper) and

3. Use products and equipment that are built well to maximize their useful life, as well as, energy efficient equipment to minimize the impact on the environment.


We will service our equipment properly to ensure a long useful life and to save money and reduce the environmental impact of replacing equipment and products before their time. We will refrain from using toxic chemicals where effective alternatives exist. This will reduce health risks by avoiding staff contact with potentially harmful compounds and reducing toxic chemicals from entering our waste stream. We will conserve nature and copy natural processes and cycles to ensure that future generations will have access to the resources we enjoy today. In short, we will do everything economically feasible to keep our air, our water and earth safe and clean for future generations.


We will strive to hold as our ideal the backpacker’s motto:

"Leave only footprints, take only memories".