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Travel Light - Travel Happy!

June 15, 2012 | by Christina Van

Luggage can get out of hand while travelling

Luggage, anyone?
Photo by Linda DuBose

A traveler’s world is full of restrictions. At least... it is if you plan to fly to your destination. Airlines have put all kinds of restrictions in place over the past several years. Restrictions on what you can bring; restrictions on how you carry your things; luggage quantity, weight, and size restrictions. Restrictions upon restrictions.

It’s as if the airlines want to make it so that only those who have wondrous packing skills (or a lot of money to burn in fees) will take to the skies for travel.

Today’s traveler must be savvy in the art of minimalistic packing.  Here are some considerations for traveling light on your next flight.

  • Is your luggage weighing you down? Heavy suitcases with wheels can cost you serious packing weight poundage before you even put clothes inside! Do you really need the wheels? They also cost you space inside the bag.
  • Can you get away with bringing a backpack over a larger carry-on bag? Backpacks not only fit nicely underneath airplane seats or in the overhead bins, they are practical for walking as you don’t have to carry a bag on your shoulder or pull something behind you, putting your body in an awkward position. Backpacks are also easier to maneuver on and off of public transportation.
  • Plan your clothing so that your pieces match with each other. This doesn’t mean your clothes have to be boring! One skirt, a pair of slacks and one pair of shorts along with three different types of shirts can make you 9 options to choose from!
  • Plan to wash your clothes. Put only enough dry detergent into a zipper locked bag for as many loads as you plan to do. If you aren’t changing locations much on your trip, you can get away with less clothes and washing them in the sink, allowing a day for them to dry.
  • If you do laundry, then 3-4 sets of clothes, including what you wear to travel, should be more than enough. This keeps you from having to do a lot of laundry when you get home.
  • Roll clothes, instead of folding them in your suitcase. This saves room and helps keep wrinkles out. Also, put items inside of other items to make the best use of space.
  • Shoes take up a lot of room and can be heavy. One good pair of shoes can often be enough, if you choose well.
  • Get the travel-sized containers for your toiletries. Large shampoo bottles, big hair dryers and other bathroom items are weighty.
  • Store paper items on a USB drive or on your computer. eBooks and magazines have no weight to them!
  • Bring one comfortable outfit for lounging around your hotel and change into it when you get back from sightseeing. This way, your “going out” clothes don’t get wrinkled while you are relaxing.


Happy travels!

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