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Protect Your Kelowna Hotel Vacation from Tragedy

May 06, 2011

Who's Got Your Back?

Dinner reservations, a night at the movies, a shopping adventure... most plans can be canceled without a big financial loss if you had a sudden emergency.

However, what happens when illness, injury or tragedy strikes the day before you are to depart on that Kelowna vacation you’ve been dreaming about for months? Kelowna hotels are full of great people - but would they refund your money because you broke your leg?

How about the not-so-rare situation in which an airline, hotel or resort goes out of business in the weeks between the time you’ve purchased your tickets and when you leave? Who covers the cost?

If traveling overseas, if war or political unrest arises in the country to which you are headed, can you get a refund?

Unless you have travel insurance, you will likely lose your hard-earned money.

Kelowna hotels offer many amenities and the Okanagan offers many exciting adventures. We’d love you to plan your next vacation here! We’ve also been in the travel industry long enough to know that there are some things that happen that you just don’t plan for. 

There are a couple of different types of insurance that you can purchase to protect your trip. We’d like to give you an overview of them to get you started, and we recommend you contact a reputable organization to help you determine what your needs may be.

Cancellation Insurance - This is insurance that you purchase to cover the costs that you put forth ahead of time in the event you have to cancel your trip.  Of course there are limitations and restrictions as to the circumstances surrounding cancellation insurance - be sure you fully understand those rules prior to purchasing. 

Cancellation insurance typically must be purchased within 48 hours of making your trip purchase, so do your homework before you slap down the cash for those plane tickets or make your hotel reservations.

Trip Interruption Insurance - This is most often bundled with cancellation insurance. It provides similar coverage in the event that you have to end your trip earlier than planned because of emergency.  If you have a trip package that is fully refundable prior to departure, purchasing trip interruption insurance on its own may make sense.

There are many providers of this type of insurance. You can get a free quote from or from your personal insurance provider. We at the Best Western Kelowna Hotel wish all of our travelers a safe and fun experience, no matter where your travels take you. 

Happy Travels! 

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