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Play, Stay, and Be Pampered at a Great Kelowna Hotel

November 09, 2017

Play, Stay, and Be Pampered at a Great Kelowna Hotel

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, treat yourself to a relaxing stay at one of the great hotels in Kelowna.

Winter is the best time of year to cozy up indoors with your favourite person or people. It’s also a great time to put your feet up and enjoy a little rest and relaxation before the craziness of the holiday season arrives. And there’s no better place to hunker down in than at one of the best hotels in Kelowna.


Here are a few tips for finding the perfect place to rest, relax, and unwind:


Find a Kelowna Hotel with a Pool

Finding a hotel with a pool is a must, even if you’re not travelling with children. There’s something therapeutic about taking a leisurely dip in a mineral pool. And, of course, there’s nothing better than soaking tired and sore muscles in a hot tub.

If privacy is more your thing, skip the pool and hot tub area and indulge in a room at one of the hotels in Kelowna with a spa suite instead. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy your stay much more after a quick (or lengthy) soak in some warm, bubbly water.  


Read a Bunch of Kelowna Hotel Reviews Before Booking

Finding a good source for reliable reviews is crucial when picking out a hotel for a relaxing getaway. Reviews can shed some light on how the hotel operates, what state the rooms are in, and how much previous guests have enjoyed their stay.

Check out our previous post for a list of reputable sites perfect for hotel review hunting: Beyond TripAdvisor: Find the Best Kelowna Hotel Reviews.

Oh, and don’t forget about YouTube. You can find reviews like this one there too.


Visit the Best Western Kelowna Spa

The Wellness Spa at the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites is the perfect destination for all things relaxing.  From facials to massages to makeup application, the spa can have you looking and feeling better than you have in years.


Indulge in a Complimentary Breakfast Buffet

If relaxation is the reason behind the trip, give in to your favourite breakfast cravings and indulge in the complimentary breakfast buffet before starting your day. Search for hotels that not only offer this service, but excel it at as well. To truly experience a relaxing holiday, an onsite breakfast location is something not to be looked over.


Discover the Benefits of Retail Therapy

Once you’ve had your fill of lounging around your hotel, step out and head to Orchard Park Mall to experience the benefits of retail therapy firsthand. With over 170 shops, you’ll be able to find whatever you’re in the mood for.


If you’re looking for hotels in Kelowna that offer all of this and so much more, consider the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. We offer a whole range of stay-and-play packages, from shopping trips to spa visits and everything in between. We’ve also got a mineral pool, hot tub, and complimentary breakfast buffet.

Book your next relaxing stay today:1-888-860-1212

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