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Kelowna Travel in Spring? Bring Your Umbrella!

May 08, 2012

Umbrella in the Rain

Don't forget to pack your umbrella!
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Because spring and rain come hand in hand, Kelowna business travelers often need to be prepared for the occasional spring shower. Instead of scrambling for any old umbrella at the last minute, putting some thought ahead of time to making sure you have a good travel umbrella is just good business sense!

We at the Best Western Kelowna Hotel see a lot of business travelers through our conference and events center. We did some checking into the important considerations for a travel umbrella. There were more than we thought!

When traveling to a Kelowna hotel, here are some of the suggestions we’ve found online for choosing a travel umbrella that will leave you dry when the rains come.

Weight: With the increased airline restrictions on weight in luggage (carry-on and checked), you want to keep it as light as possible. You likely don’t want your travel umbrella to weigh more than two pounds. Some of the ultra-light umbrellas only repel rain, they don’t claim to be water/leak proof entirely, so if that is an important consideration you’ll have to decide if having a heavier canvas is better for you over a lighter weight.

Canopy Span: The canopy span refers to the diameter of the umbrella when open. 36 - 43 inches is normal for a travel umbrella. If you are a larger person, you definitely want to make sure the canopy is going to keep you dry in a shower, so look for a larger span on the canvas.

Wind Resistance: Interestingly enough, we found that it is wind that damages your umbrella—not rain. We’ve all seen people being pulled down a road by a gust of wind that turned their umbrella inside out. To avoid being “that guy”, look for a double canopied umbrella or an umbrella that has reinforced ribs and stretchers.

Waterproof or Water Resistant: Material matters. Umbrellas that have been teflon-coated will repel water better than lighter polyester material. Don’t assume the umbrella is waterproof. Be sure and check.

Best Western Kelowna Hotel business travelers will find springtime in Kelowna a great time of year. For information on booking your business event right here in our centrally-located Kelowna conference center, give us a call.

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