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Flying to Kelowna Airport Hotels: 6 Tips to Get You There

November 22, 2016

Kelowna airport hotels

If you’re travelling to Kelowna airport hotels via air, we’ve got some travel-friendly tips to get you here hassle-free.

The winter weather brings many things: cooler temperatures, beautifully snowy landscapes, and great times spent catching up with loved ones. Many people find themselves travelling to the Okanagan for some of these reasons once the winter weather hits. Whether you’re staying with family, friends, or booking a few nights at one of the comfortable and accommodating Kelowna airport hotels, we’ve compiled a couple of winter flying tips to get you here on time.


1. Pick your flights wisely. Although you may love sleeping in, an early morning flight is ideal when flying during the winter. Early morning flights are generally less affected by weather problems. If something does go awry and your flight is cancelled, you’ll have a much better chance of catching a later flight that same day.


2. Search for direct flights. A direct flight is best when the weather becomes unpredictable. If your flight is cancelled due to inclement weather, rebooking will be much easier than if you had a couple of connecting flights in your itinerary. When more than one flight is booked and your first flight is delayed or even cancelled, you may find yourself in the middle of a cascading domino effect of missed connections.


3. Make your dates flexible. If you’ve got meetings or get-togethers scheduled, plan your travel days carefully. It’s always a good idea to expect your flight will be delayed so that you can book your flights accordingly. Give yourself some extra travel time to get to your Kelowna airport hotels, and you’ll be less rushed and much happier. 


4. Stay on top of the weather forecasts. Sometimes weather reports can be way off, but you should still pay attention to them when travelling. If you can see a big storm heading your way, get in touch with your airline. Often times, they’re keeping an eye on the weather situation too, and will proactively cancel and reschedule flights.


5. Stay in touch with your Kelowna airport hotels. If your flights have been delayed or cancelled, and you won’t be able to check into your hotel on time, give the front desk a call. As long as the hotel isn’t full to capacity, they can sometimes juggle your reservation dates to help accommodate late arrivals.


6. Consider enlisting a travel agent to help with your travel plans. When bad weather strikes, airports can begin to resemble a madhouse. Thousands of travellers find themselves scrambling for alternative flights, and this can lead to extra long line-ups. By calling a travel agent and asking them to handle the rebooking, you can grab a meal or enjoy the rest of your book while your flights are rescheduled instead of joining the masses in the line-ups.


If your next winter trip to Kelowna involves your furry little buddy, check out our previous post: Tips for Travelling to Kelowna Pet Friendly Hotels in Winter.  


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