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Beyond TripAdvisor: Find the Best Kelowna Hotel Reviews

October 05, 2017

Find the Best Kelowna Hotel Reviews

We all know that TripAdvisor is one of the most common hotel review sites for hotels in Kelowna, but there are others you should look into too.

Picking a hotel from a list of the best hotels in Kelowna can be tricky. Maybe cost is a factor that’s important to you, or maybe it’s the location that’s most appealing. Since each traveller is different, there’s a good chance that the amenities you prefer aren’t the same as the ones they prefer. This can affect the variety of Kelowna hotel reviews found online.

Before settling on reviews from just one site, consider checking out some of these other great, informational domains. 


1. Kelowna Accommodations on Expedia

Although many people may believe that this site is typically used for booking accommodations, it’s also a great source for honest and reliable reviews. Similar to Kelowna hotels on TripAdvisor, the hotel is rated based on room cleanliness, service and staff, room comfort, and hotel condition. It also uses a five-point rating system and includes the guests’ first name and current location.


2. Kelowna Hotel Reviews on Yelp

Another popular online domain for authentic hotel reviews is Yelp. This popular site uses a five-star rating system and the Yelp users’ name and location. It also has a handy feature that lets you know how many times they’ve visited the hotel they’re reviewing. If a reviewer is frequently returning to the hotel you’re interested in, that’s a good indication that they’ve truly enjoyed their stay each and every time.


3. Google Hotel Reviews

Is there anything Google doesn’t do? Besides directing you to other hotel review sites, Google actually gives reviews too. The reviews use a five-star rating system and include the reviewer’s name and reviewing frequency. Google reviews also provide the date of when the review was made. This is one of the easiest ways to find quick, unbiased reviews without having to click into different sites.


4. Kelowna Accommodation Reviews on TripAdvisor

And of course, we can’t forget about TripAdvisor. This site is undeniably the best site for hotel reviews. In fact, a lot of booking sites will pull the reviews directly from TripAdvisor to display on their own domains.


If you’ve always wondered what can be gained from looking online for hotel reviews, take a peek at our previous post: 4 Reasons to Search for Kelowna Hotels Online Reviews.


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