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Prep & Conquer Back to School with our Kelowna Hotel

August 17, 2012


 We know it’s only August and people are still enjoying the summer in all its glory, but our Kelowna hotel also knows that in a few weeks most kids and their parents will be scrambling to get ready for the looming school year.  The mere mention of “back to school” right now can cause groans and anxiety for many (sorry), but we have some great tips to help your family prep and conquer this event.


Morning Blues

-          After 2 months of late nights, sleeping in and limited routine, getting kids back on track with proper sleep can be tricky.  Start initiating weekday bedtimes again and introduce the alarm clock in the mornings. Use 15 minute increments to get to earlier bedtimes and wake-up times gradually, and practice the morning routine for a few days the week before school starts.


Shop til You Drop

-          School supplies and new clothes are always the highlight for kids heading back for another year of school, but it can often be stressful for the whole family.  Budget restraints, time shortage, and just plain old fear of battling the crowds.  Try to re-use a lot of school supplies from the year before and stick to the basics when buying new.  Instead of getting a whole new wardrobe, buy the necessities and watch for sales! 


Season Finale

-          Plan your last summer holiday together as a family and make it known that this is the last hurrah so-to-speak before the routine at home kicks in high gear.  Time it so you have a week or so at home before the first day of school to get settled down and organized.  A great way to spend a final summer vacation AND get everything you need for back to school would be to visit our Kelowna hotel!  We’ve got a fabulous Back to School Package that includes accommodation, a gift certificate to Orchard Park Mall, a gift certificate to ORA Kitchen & Bar and yummy breakfast daily.


Re-train Your Brain

-          Get back into the habit of reading daily and grab your iPad or jump on the computer to do some fun practice learning games with the kids.  Brainstorm together a couple of ideas/summer stories that the kids can share with the rest of the class – during the initial back-to-school weeks there will be a lot of sharing “what we did on vacation”, so get them excited to tell it!


 Enjoy the last few weeks of summer to the fullest, but don’t forget to make time to get everyone ready for the arrival of the new school year.  With a little enthusiasm (you can do it!) and tips from a helpful hotel in Kelowna, everyone can find something to look forward to when it's back to school time—and be ready for it, to boot!" 

(Maybe if they changed the name to “back to lunch & recess” it would go over better with the kids??)


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