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4 Ways a Hotel in Kelowna Can Make Lengthy Travel Easier

April 21, 2017

Kelowna Hotels Travel Tips

Stay at a hotel in Kelowna that makes your lengthy trip worth the distance.

Besides being a destination for sun seekers and wine lovers, Kelowna is also a busy hub for travelers making the trip for business purposes. In fact, the majority of guests staying at a hotel in Kelowna during the shoulder season are there for work-related dealings. Many hotels in the region are catering to business travelers’ needs, which also benefit guests coming to Kelowna for a well-deserved vacation. 

The next time you’re searching for Kelowna accommodations, look for a hotel that offers up some of these great resources. 


1. Awesome Kelowna Hotel Amenities

After a long day or night of travelling, a hotel pool or hot tub is a welcome sight. Lots of travelers also enjoy stopping in at a hotel’s fitness centre to stretch their legs and get the blood flowing after sitting for long periods of time. Complimentary breakfasts are also a great thing to look for when considering a Kelowna hotel after a long trip. The convenience of grabbing a hot breakfast without having to leave your hotel is a perk many business and vacationing guests look for. 

A hotel in Kelowna that offers these amenities and more will ease the mind and muscles of a visitor that just spent a long night or day on the road. While most hotels offer similar amenities, look for a hotel that offers the amenities you prefer. 


2. A Likeable Location

If you’ve got business meetings scheduled at a few different places in the city for the week, you’ll likely want to choose a hotel that’s centrally located to all of them. If you have an early morning or late evening flight, it may be worth the time to search out Kelowna hotels near the airport. No matter what you’ve come to the Okanagan valley for, look for a hotel that’s positioned in a location that benefits you. 


3. Complete Convenience

Once you’ve spent your entire day and evening travelling, a hotel that offers up convenient services should be at the top of your list. Some of the convenient services to look for include: 

  • Complimentary and easy-to-arrange airport shuttles
  • A hotel with a restaurant or pub attached
  • A fully loaded business centre


4. Invaluable Value

While business travelers are not necessarily looking for a hotel with the lowest price tag, they do select hotels based on value. As do vacationers. Look for a hotel that offers up a wide variety of amenities that are competitively priced. Amenities like complimentary breakfasts and airport shuttles and pre-arranged stay and play packages are highly sought after services. 


Before booking a room at a Kelowna hotel, do a little online legwork first. Start by reading our previous post: 4 Reasons to Search for Kelowna Hotels Online Reviews


When looking for a hotel that meets and exceeds all of your traveling needs, consider the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. We’re proud to offer complimentary hot breakfasts and airport shuttles, executive business suites, a mineral pool, hot tub, fitness centre, and more. Call us today: 1-888-860-1212

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