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Back to School brings our Kelowna hotel back to the mall - Shop 'til you drop in Kelowna BC!

August 26, 2011 | by Christina Van

As another fun-filled summer winds down, 3 little words are now being spoken on a regular basis... Back to school.


Nothing makes a child pout more than the idea of going back to school, knowing their summer days of freedom are coming to an end.  And nothing makes a parent more giddy than those 3 little words, knowing their kids will once again be out of the house and kept busy with friends and school work! No more late nights, lazy mornings or cries of "we're bored!" Parents rejoice!

Getting the kids back to school can be quite the process.  A good way of putting a tiny smile on their face is the promise of Back to School shopping!   Countless trips must be made to buy new school supplies, clothes, shoes, and jackets. And don't forget the latest and greatest techno gadgets for returning students.  (Do they even use paper and pencils anymore??)  "I want" vs. "I Need" will rear their ugly heads and so will the difference of opinions in clothing style. Brace yourselves!

Want to make back to school shopping easy and (gasp!) fun? Come stay with us! The Best Western Kelowna Hotel is centrally located and surrounded by lots of great shops and restaurants.  And our hotel rooms are extra spacious so no need to worry about where to put the mountain of shopping bags and boxes!  Fuel up with our free deluxe breakfast, shop all day, and then head back to our hotel to rent an in-room movie for the kids, and take advantage of relaxing your aching feet in one of our outdoor hot tubs

 You can easily shop 'til you drop at these stores located near our Kelowna hotel:

  - Orchard Park Shopping Centre has over 170 stores that are sure to have what you need, and what the kids, need. 

  - Walmart is another great place for a one-stop shop.  Affordable supplies, electronics and clothes all in one place.  Did we mention affordable?

  - Staples has a huge selection of school supplies, as well as all the info on the newest technology gadgets that are must haves (er, must wants?!) for every student.

 Stay at our Kelowna hotel and turn shopping for back to school into something the whole family can look forward to.  Plus, you get to squeeze one more family trip into the last bit of summer before the routines of fall take over!  

 3 new little words can then proudly be uttered as we say goodbye to the beach and hello to the books :

 "Ready for School!"


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