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Themed Meetings: Set the Tone with Kelowna Event Venues

October 18, 2017

Plan a themed meeting

With Halloween and Christmas coming down the pipe, a themed meeting in a venue rental space can help liven things up.  

Meetings, if planned well, can not only engage team members but also improve productivity and business-related goals. However, with the holidays on the horizon, many team members may find themselves distracted at the next conference space get-together. To keep everyone engaged throughout the Halloween and holiday season, consider organizing a themed meeting.


To get you started, we’ve compiled some of the best tips for putting together a memorable meeting.


Set the Tone Before the Meeting

Prior to choosing the appropriate conference space, it’s important to pick a theme and convey it to the invitees. This will not only set the tone for the meeting but also help attendees prepare and come up with ideas to help contribute.

Some of the things you can do to set the tone include:

  • Circulate a fun, quirky agenda that matches the theme you’ve picked
  • Include a “How to Survive the Meeting” tip sheet that’s fun and engaging
  • Use creative titles and writing styles to convey the theme instead of cheesy clip-art images


At the Venue Rental

Once you book a meeting room, you’ll want to invest in some quality-looking decorations. You can even enlist the help of the event management team at the venue. The decorations should be tasteful and used strategically. Remember: Less is always more.

Other tips to incorporate during the meeting:

  • Be mindful of the time and keep the agenda on schedule
  • Include fun trivia questionnaires that are on brand with the company but also touch on the meeting theme
  • Use prizes with categories like best audience, best creative suggestion, best use of time management, etc.
  • Use a fun prop as a way to demonstrate when an attendee has a question or something to say


After the Meeting

Besides circulating meeting minutes to every attendee, there are a few other ways to conclude the session.

  • Deliver the minutes via a video recording (with typed minutes included as well) that captures the theme of the meeting and provides a brief overview or summary
  • Send out a “Top Ten” list of the things discussed at the meeting using humorous, on-theme vocabulary
  • Offer up prizes or rewards for the attendee that can come up with the best post-meeting action items


Don’t be afraid to get creative with a themed meeting. Oftentimes, these types of meetings are great at capturing the attention of the attendees and adding a little variety to the redundancy some meetings possess.

For some insight into what a meeting room rental includes, take a look at our previous post: Need to Book a Conference Room? Here’s What to Expect


Are you looking for a venue to host a themed meeting at? Get in touch with the Event Management team at Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. We can help plan and execute the perfect themed meeting. We’d also be happy to discuss company Christmas party ideas and more. Call us today:  1-888-991-5705

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