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Man vs. Machine: The Showdown at Our Kelowna Hotel

November 06, 2012


If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger. ~Frank Lloyd Wright

Technology at your fingertips 

Technology.  Invented by man and meant to simplify lives.  But just how much is too much? Remember watching TV shows that depicted the future with flying cars, robot servants, super intelligent computers and a universal remote to control everything you can imagine with a push of a button? Power right in your finger tips = wow! The curiosity in all of us was actually looking forward to those advances in technology, and today we’re not far from them.


While our Kelowna hotel does provide up to date technology at our property and keeps up with the trends, we still like to do some things “old school”.  We think that maintaining a healthy balance is the way to go - Technology should enhance a traveler’s adventure, not overcome it!


-         Cars aren’t flying yet…but you can charge up by plugging in your EV at our Kelowna hotel. Green technology is something we’re passionate about, as it’s something that benefits our guests AND the environment.

 -         No robots here!  Our friendly human staff is always on hand to take care of our guests, 24 hours a day.  We love having face to face conversations where we can recommend things to do and places to see in Kelowna.  All about the local love!

-         With most hotels in Kelowna allowing guests to book online via website and/or mobile apps, computers have simplified the planning process for many travelers. You can quickly access and store reviews, photos, information, weather and more.  The fact that you’re reading this blog and clicking all the links proves that online info is fabulous!  However, calling a hotel property direct is still an option to consider as human contact can sometimes be more beneficial than artificial intelligence. (Computer glitch anyone?)

-         TV remote powers the TV.  Let’s keep it simple, ‘cuz we know you can open and close the curtains by yourself.  We do offer a variety of up to date in-room amenities like ipod/mp3 compatible alarm clocks, advanced heating/cooling systems complete with temperature sensors, and high speed wireless internet throughout our entire Kelowna hotel.


It’s a beautiful world out there and we encourage travelers to experience the big picture and not only the digital picture.  Find the balance and you’ll find the perfect trip!

We want to know:  What technological advances in the travel/hotel industry do you love?  What do you wish was never invented?  Send us a Tweet or let us know on our Facebook page!


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