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Kelowna Hotel Helps You App It Up With TripIt!

February 22, 2012

TripIt App

Kelowna hotels and resorts know that there is less than a month until Spring Break. Whether you plan to travel or just try and survive two weeks of "kids at home"—you'll want to cram a bit of fun into your time. Sometimes, even packing the kids up and taking them to a local Kelowna hotel for a night can make it seem like you've been away!

Apps can help you with everything from finding and booking your next Kelowna hotel to knowing what to do when you get here.

Occasionally, we at the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites will share information on apps and tips for travelers that we think you might find useful:

This month, we'd like to introduce you to TripIt!

You know what it's like, standing at the airport counter, searching for your confirmation number on a scrap of paper that you were sure you put in your briefcase along with your passport.

Or—you arrive at your destination city and can't remember which car service you booked your ride from the airport to your Kelowna hotel.

Stop the madness of the scraps of paper and get it all in your smartphone or iPad! Not your default phone email, where you have to scroll through dozens of messages to find the confirmation. Go to your TripIt app where all confirmation numbers and other important, nitty-gritty details are in one place.

Travel plans can have many different components. To keep them straight, TripIt is for you. You can build your itinerary for your trip then access it any time, either online or from a mobile device.

TripIt seems to be especially useful for frequent travelers who can have several itineraries on the go. It keeps track of confirmation numbers and other important data chronologically, so everything is easy to find.

The free version gives you lots of neat organizational functionalities for other things like directions and day-by-day happenings on your trip. You can link meetings, dinners, and more to a particular trip and record how much was spent. The Pro and Business versions give you added features for an annual fee.

Overall, it's free and useful; well worth giving a try as you plan your next Kelowna hotel stay—or anywhere you travel.

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