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Hotels in Kelowna follow Top Travel Trends

October 27, 2011 | by Christina Van

Except for the occassional orange shag carpet and lack of wireless internet, hotels in Kelowna are doing a pretty good job staying current.

The world of travel sees new and emerging trends every year as travelers continuously express their desires for whatever gets them excited. From improved hotel guest services and amenities to updated hotel décor & furnishings, the guest is the one who ultimately calls the shots. Thankfully, neon is not making a come-back, nor is it being incorporated into our Kelowna hotel guest Be trendy, be green! room décor!

What travel trends are going to be here to stay for hotels?

Industry leaders have predicted that the top travel trends for 2012 are the growing importance of eco-friendliness & sustainable travel practices, as well as the exploding demand and love for all things technology related.

Being “green” is definitely a trend that is not going to disappear anytime soon. In fact, it shouldn’t even be called a trend! People have changed their lifestyles and traveling habits to minimize their impact on the environment and have made an effort to maximize their desire to keep the earth beautiful.  After all, it’s the only one we’ve got.  Studies have shown that people are now not only searching for hotels in Kelowna and around the world that embrace green initiatives, they're starting to expect it. Our vision of being Kelowna’s “Green” Hotel started years ago, and we’re very passionate about continuing and improving our sustainable efforts, with hope that other hotels in Kelowna will follow!  Lowering gas emissions, recycling, supporting the local community and preserving the surrounding environment are now becoming priorities for most businesses within the hospitality industry. Communication and education of not only employees, but guests as well, is key to spreading the green night at a time! And with the knowledge of basic green travel tips to guide them, it’s easy for every traveler and travel related business to be a part of this important and lasting trend!

The increasing power and influence of technology is also taking over travel. It isn't surprising, as technology has taken over pretty much everything! Travelers now depend more on friends’ recommendations through social network sites to make travel decisions than anything else.  With a whole mobile world out there at their fingertips, they can research, plan, review and book hotels online. This fast moving trend is urging businesses to jump on board or get left behind. This is the year our Kelowna hotel dove into the world of social media and, as a result, we have connected with our guests and fellow hospitality colleagues on another level.  And the outcome is official: We love being social!

Hotels in Kelowna and around the world have listened to the predictions, heard the demands, and are now eagerly embracing the trends that we hope will stick around…and avoiding the ones that include re-visiting the 80’s fashion scene.


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