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Corporate Events: 6 Tips for an Amazing Christmas Party

November 17, 2017

Company Christmas party ideas

Organize an unforgettable event with these great company Christmas party ideas.  

Now that November is upon us, many companies are switching gears into holiday mode. This includes looking for a Christmas party venue, organizing the holiday work schedule, and determining what hours the office will be open over the holidays.

If you’ve been tasked with planning an unforgettable Christmas party for you and your coworkers, here are 8 ways you can make it truly stand out.


1. Choose an Appropriate Date and Time

When it comes to seeking out party rooms for rent, you may not be able to select the date and time you want; however, if you’re able to pick and choose, make sure you put a little thought into it.

Weekends work best for a lot of employees. No one wants to head back into the office the morning after a Christmas party. Plus, scheduling an event on a weekend could lead to a record-breaking turn out.


2. Ask About Previous Parties

Before planning the festivities, speak with fellow coworkers and ask what they liked the most about previous Christmas parties and events. This will go a long way in helping you plan a party that the majority of the employees will enjoy.


3. Consider a Theme

Sometimes a theme is the best way to break out of the traditional, over-done Christmas party mould. Some of the options that seem to be popular include:

  • Ugliest Christmas sweaters
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Tropical Paradise
  • A Black Tie Affair
  • The Roaring 20s/Great Gatsby


4. Pick a Stunning Party Room

The venue you choose will go a long way in ensuring the event you organize goes off without a hitch. Make sure the venue you choose has an event management team, has plenty of party room options, and can answer all of your questions in a timely and efficient manner.

If you’ve never booked hotel event venues before, here’s a look at some of the things you can expect with a rental: Need to Book a Conference Room? Here’s What to Expect.


5. Hire the Right Entertainment

There are so many entertainment options available out there, from a live DJ to a band (rock or classical) to an iPod with a playlist. If your group isn’t big into dancing, you can even switch things up and consider hiring a comedian or a group of performers. The options are truly endless.


6. Create a Contest or Activity

Lots of partygoers enjoy the little details that go into planning an event. To make the party truly memorable, consider incorporating a game, contest, or activity. Some popular ideas include:

  • Christmas gift exchange
  • Karaoke competition
  • A raffle
  • Silent auction
  • Lottery ticket draw


If you’re on the hunt for perfect Christmas party venues in Kelowna, consider the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. We offer endless catering options, six customizable meeting rooms, and so much more. Call our event management team today: 1-888-860-1212

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