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Can Kelowna Hotels Make You Smarter?

May 24, 2011 | by Christina Van

Over the past couple of years, Kelowna hotels - including the Best Western Kelowna - have begun to offer free wireless internet connection as a standard offering to guests.

Travellers used to have to hard-wire their computer to the hotel room’s phone line in order to have world wide web access. Although we at the Best Western Kelowna do offer that option, the wireless connection is also used by many travelers to add literature to their eReaders.

Right from your Kelowna hotel room, you can download the latest crime drama novel, Heather’s latest pick - or even The Wall Street Journal. Have you joined the growing number of eReader users?

We’ve found a useful article on that provides a review of 5 of the most popular eReaders.  Read the full article here:

The next time you stay in our Kelowna hotel, you can download that classic you’ve always wanted to read. Relax by our pool or in our Courtyard, kick your feet up and come away smarter!

If you have a favorite eReader, join our facebook page and let us know which eReader you’ve chosen and why.

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