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March 21, 2011

Road Warriors Seek Business Hotels in Kelowna

This is the time of year when everything gets back to grind. School, work, and business resume after a brief hiatus of summer holidays.  Every September, corporate folks start storming our YLW airport, renting cars, and checking in and out of Kelowna business hotels.  They usually carry one practical…

A Top Rated Hotel in Kelowna is Now in Your Pocket

Some people think mobile devices and smart phone apps can make the world go round. Hmm...we're not so sure, but we do know they'll help you go round the world! Remember cell phones when they first came out? They were massive, strange looking contraptions, and yet seemed so "futuristic" at that time.…

Can Kelowna Hotels Make You Smarter?

Over the past couple of years, Kelowna hotels - including the Best Western Kelowna - have begun to offer free wireless internet connection as a standard offering to guests. Travellers used to have to hard-wire their computer to the hotel room’s phone line in order to have world wide web access. Although…

Should Kelowna Hotels Get More Active?

Should Kelowna Hotels Get More Active?

Best Western Kelowna Hotel is wondering... can the Kelowna hotel scene do anything to be proactive in the fight against rising oil and gas prices?

Where Do You Take-Off?

Where Do You Take-Off?

2010 saw a growing number of Canadians travel to the United States before hopping a plane for both personal and business travel. Rising airport taxes, fees and surcharges in Canada are a large contributor. Canadian hotels, airports and related businesses are noticing the impact on their bottom lines. This…