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Kelowna Hotel Appreciates the Beauty of the Okanagan

March 20, 2012 | by Christina Van


Our Kelowna hotel was just given Carbon-Neutral Certification by LivClean and EcoStay!

LivClean is a Canadian organization with global reach, devoted to offering quality carbon offset products and solutions to both individuals and organizations.  EcoStay recognizes hotels, like the Best Western Kelowna Hotel, across North America for their effort to take action against climate change.

We care about the environment, we care about our city, and we care about our planet!

Travel buffs and nature lovers across the world have been taking time-lapse videos and photographs of their favorite areas for years. Watch and see why our Kelowna hotel takes the initiatives we do to protect our environment.

This one is of Okanagan Lake:

You can see why people come to the Okanagan!

The Okanagan has also been captured in other art forms. Artists across the country have painted the Okanagan sky -- capturing its beauty in a variety of mediums.

  • Peter Corbett's "Giant's Head, Spring Clouds" shows Okanagan Lake with the expanse of sky in broad white brush strokes.
Paradise Ranch Bay, Okanagan Lake, by Toni Onley

"Paradise Ranch Bay" by Tony Onley

  • Toni Onley captured the peacefulness stillness of the valley with his watercolour painting of "Paradise Ranch Bay".


  • The National Gallery of Canada holds "Thunder Clouds over Okanagan Lake" which was painted by Jock MacDonald.

These artists all appreciate, as we do, the beauty of our Valley. We are thankful for our new Carbon-Neutral Certification and we are committed to continuing to doing everything economically feasible to keep our air, water and earth safe and clean so future generations can witness the beauty of our city.




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