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Join our Kelowna Hotel and Celebrate Earth Hour 2013

March 08, 2013 | by Christina Van


The clock is ticking and our staff at the Best Western Kelowna Hotel (not to mention a few hundred million other people around the world) are counting down until a very powerful hour of darkness: 

Earth Hour 2013!

From 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm on March 23, 2013 our hotel in Kelowna will be “switching off the lights” in support of a great worldwide cause.  Grab your candles, glow sticks or LED flashlights and be a part of something huge!



Being Kelowna’s “Green” Hotel is something our staff is very proud of, so it’s only natural we’d be all over this global event.  It’s a fun yet informative way to expand our list of many green initiatives we are constantly making – and boy have we been busy over the past year! From the LEED® Silver Certification of our Environmental Wing and the recent addition of an Electric Vehicle charging station, to the Eco-Stay and Liv-Clean Carbon Neutral status we achieved in 2012, we’re talking the talk AND walking the walk.  With very green feet!  And it’s because of green-minded travelers everywhere that hotels in Kelowna are inspired to follow in our footsteps by incorporating daily green practices for guests to enjoy, and for the Earth to enjoy as well.

We encourage everyone on this beautiful planet, including fellow hotels in Kelowna, to make a difference and participate in Earth Hour.  Make a small effort to conserve energy during the hour, or make more passionate plans by daring the world to save the planet and challenge yourself to think outside the box.


 Best Western Kelowna will be participating in Earth Hour 2013


We will if you will.


 We want to know: What will you do to participate in Earth Hour 2013? Let us know on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet!

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