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How Travelers Expectations Are Inspiring Kelowna Hotels To Be More Green

November 08, 2011

"To Be Green or Not To Be Green" - That shouldn't be a question anymore...

Once upon a time, the ideas of traveling green were limited to a select few ambitious and passionate travelers. These granola-esque travelers had to search far and wide to find mention of a Kelowna hotel or any other travel business that were brave enough to admit to being eco-friendly. It was pampering and luxuries that were promoted, not sustainability. And so the travelers continued on their journeys, seeking the illusive green establishments, and doing what they could to spread the word of what green travel could do for not only them, but the earth as well. The End.

Something wrong with that ending? We think so too!

Thanks in part to travelers like these, hotels in Kelowna and around the world are now proudly embracing basic green practices, making them part of their daily business, and promoting them loud and clear.

While the recent shift in the economy has definitely made travelers re-evaluate how much they spend and what exactly they spend it on, being green shouldn't cost lots of extra green. Most hotels in Kelowna have implemented basic programs at their own cost, such as recycling and linen & towel reuse programs, as well as low-flow showerheads and energy efficient lighting to name a few.

Travelers have made it quite clear that they expect these basic green initiatives at the very least now when staying at a hotel, and they shouldn't have to pay extra for them. Any added costs should be transparent to the guest, letting them know they have the option to participate or not. For example, the Best Western PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites participates in the Liv Clean Program, in which an optional and minimal fee is paid by the guest and contributed to ongoing environmental projects around the globe. Just our way of going above and beyond the basics, both in green efforts AND helping you control how much comes out of your wallet.

The plus side of basic green initiatives is that the more commonplace and widespread they become, the more cost-effective they become. This passes the savings from the businesses onto the consumers, and that is something to pack your suitcase about!

Since the idea of "greenwashing" is sadly used by some to confuse those seeking green establishments, Kelowna hotels that are truly a green hotel need to display their accomplishments and environmental policies out in the open so travelers can see for themselves all the green-ness, in all its glory. Just because a hotel property is designated or certified green doesn't mean they truly are passionate about it. And travelers can tell the difference. Our passion for the environment was made evident recently: The BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites was selected by Interior Health BC as their preferred hotel in Kelowna for business travel on account of their green initiatives.

As we've mentioned in an earlier blog, green travel is on the rise and there's no sign of it slowing down. People have realized that in order to continue enjoying the wonders on this fragile earth, we need to tread a little softer, with reduced carbon footprints. So continue on your journeys with a conscious thought of being green everywhere you go, seek out those Kelowna hotels who feel the same way, and make a difference.

Now that's a happy ending!


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