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Eco-Friendly Hotels: How a Hotel in Kelowna Went Green

November 16, 2017

Kelowna Eco-Friendly Hotels

Eco-friendly hotels in Kelowna are on the rise.

Green hotels in Kelowna are becoming more and more popular as the demand for more sustainable hotel practices continues to rise. But what is a green hotel? It’s not the paint colour, that’s for sure. A green hotel is a hotel that implements energy efficient and environmentally friendly policies to reduce its carbon footprint. This can range from in-house recycling programs to installing solar panels for energy efficiency.


Here are a few of the practices a hotel will undertake to ensure a more eco-friendly stay for their guests:


Solar Hybrid Water-Heating Systems

Installing a solar system for heating water can prevent nearly 90 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. Between showers, spa tubs, pools, and hot tubs, this initiative is a true commitment to following a more sustainable way of providing accommodations to travelers.


The Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites has installed such a system. It contains 102 solar panels, a 6000-litre solar storage tank, and heats up to 90 percent of the hotel’s water supply during the summer months. Even during the shorter days in winter, the solar heating system can heat up to 60 percent of the water consumed.


Energy-Efficient Lighting

This easy step has been incorporated into many hotels in the Okanagan. By replacing current light bulbs and lighting systems with energy-efficient bulbs and set-ups, hotels are reaping the rewards of this greener practice. Although the upfront cost can be a little high, energy consumption is reduced overall. This can lead to reduced electricity bills and these savings can be passed onto guests through reduced room rates.


Linen Reuse Programs

This popular trend is found in most of the hotels around the Okanagan. By simply hanging your towels after using them, you’re ensuring the cleaning service doesn’t take them away to be washed. Many housekeeping services will also make the bed, but not change the sheets during a guest’s stay. Both of these practices greatly reduce the hotel’s impact on the environment, and they’re also very easy to implement and maintain.


Car Charging Stations

As electric cars gain popularity among motorists, the need for charging stations has increased. To meet this demand, hotels in Kelowna that are switching over to eco-friendly practices are installing these charging stations in their parking lots. Besides providing the electricity at no charge, they’re also ensuring these parking stalls are conveniently located. It’s a great incentive for guests looking for greener accommodation options.


Go Green: Look for Eco-Friendly Accommodation in Kelowna

As more people are becoming tuned into a more environmentally friendly way of living, they’re constantly looking for more ways to incorporate these changes into their everyday life. This means seeking out green hotels when away from home.


If choosing a green hotel is important to you and your travel companions, check out our previous post: Green Kelowna Hotels: How to Spot Them.


Are you looking for green Kelowna hotels with pools? The Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites is committed to practicing eco-friendly policies in order to provide a greener choice for guests while preserving and protecting the environment. We’ve also got electric car charging stations, an environmental wing, and geo-thermal cooling and heating systems. Book your next eco-friendly stay today: 1-888-860-1212

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